Hon. Greg Rickford

P.C., B.S.N., M.B.A., LL.B., B.C.L.

Greg is a Strategic Advisor to Maawandoon’s executive team. Greg is a practicing lawyer specializing in the Natural Resource and Indigenous Legal and Advisory matters. He is the former Minister of Natural Resources Canada and Minister of State for Federal Economic Development Ontario and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. He has considerable experience and an estimable reputation across Canada in matters pertaining to Indigenous Affairs, and around the world in the Natural Resources sector. Prior to his political career, most of Greg’s professional experience(s) as a Registered Nurse, Business Consultant and Lawyer focused on Indigenous peoples.

As a senior Minister for a G7 country (Canada), Greg has a strong background in the political, social, legal and business aspects of large scale Natural Resource projects. Specifically, indigenous community engagement, senior executive presentations, master planning for major resource and infrastructure projects (existing and under development), environmental, conservation, health, safety, transportation, transmission, licensing and regulatory review, project viability analysis, final investment decision-making and major asset integrity analysis and solution implementation.

Greg has also been involved in high level negotiation, ratification and implementation of complex contracts and agreements, legislation, large-scale court monitored settlements, Natural Resource tax policy, as well as Occupational, Health, Safety, Environmental, Reporting & Regulatory Standards for the Natural Resource sector.

His experience in Communications, Consultation, Stakeholder Engagement & Issues Management are particularly important to Maawandoon. Greg has given numerous speeches and worked extensively in communicating through all media outlets around the world. He has co-ordinated pan-national, continental and global communications on Indigenous Affairs, Natural Resource Development, Infrastructure, Environment, Energy Security, National Security, Research, Technology & Innovation and Indigenous Community Engagement (health, social, economic, resource and infrastructure development.